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Main Features

Libretro Based Frontend

RePlay OS is based on Libretro Logo API for implementing the frontend and executing the different core emulators.

Libretro is a lightweight C-based Application Programming Interface (API) that exposes generic audio, video, and input callbacks.

There are two sides to Libretro development:

  • frontends are programs that provide a user interface and all the implementation-specific details to run libretro-compatible cores.
  • cores are programs built as a single library file (such as a game, emulator, or media player) that utilize the libretro API, enabling execution by libretro frontends.

Core developers don't need to write different video drivers for Direct3D, OpenGL, or cater to various input APIs, sound APIs, gamepads, etc.

DynaRes 2.0

When RePlay OS is executed on a CRT TV or CRT Arcade monitor, RePlay makes use of the DynaRes Logo engine which provides the following advanced features:

  • Native Timings: games are displayed using native horizontal and vertical resolutions and refresh rates.
  • On-The-Fly Timing Changes: the system is able to make instant timing changes for games that use different resolutions during the gameplay.
  • Calamity Modeline Calculator: for modeline calculations, DynaRes takes advantage of Calamity's switchres dynamic library for calculating all system modelines.
  • Interlaced Flicker Reductionː the system automatically applies a linear filter for smoothing the flickering produced in games that use interlaced video modes (slightly reducing the image sharpness).
  • Software X/Y Position: it is possible to adjust the screen X/Y position via software menu option (no forced modelines).
  • CRT Profiles: the modelines generated by the system can be configured to better adjust to different CRT types like consumer TVs, Arcade 15, 25 and 31Khz, etc.