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  • Added DynRes interlaced video mode support for Raspberry Pi 3, 4 and 5
  • Added Raspberry Pi 3 CRT support for PSX, X68K, IBM PC and SCUMMVM
  • Added option to enable/disable overscan reduction in CRT screens
  • Added CRT dual screen support
  • Added new dual screen UI game filter (stacked and side-by-syde)
  • Added UI game filter auto selection on dual screen mode selection
  • Added NDS support in CRT mode (only in dual screen stacked mode)
  • Added support for 6 players
  • Fixed several UI zoom scaling issues
  • Fixed RePlay core background tiling and zoom now based on screen resolution
  • Fixed screen capture in CRT dual screen modes
  • Fixed crash when there are no joysticks connected on loading games
  • Fixed UI Game Filter not working with Favorites and Recent games
  • Removed forced CRT 50/60Hz modes due to compatibility and stability issues


  • Fixed bug in audio resampler dynamic audio pitch in single-thread cores


  • Fixed Raspberry Pi 5 OpenGL core support
  • Fixed audio resampler dynamic audio pitch
  • Fixed audio not init when moving SD to another different Pi model


  • Fixed aspect ratio in some systems due to OpenGL texture assigment error when setting game geometry
  • Fixed random crash loading systems due to disk control interface not being properly freed


  • Added new DynaRes 2.0 engine
    • Support for multiple LCD and CRT initialization modes
    • Ability to load system without any connected monitor
    • New screen mode option to set resolution
    • New CRT type option to set monitor type
    • CRT support for all RPi 3, 4 and 5 models (RPi 3 support is limited)
    • RPi3 won't display/support systems running interlaced modes in CRT mode
    • Updated modeline calculator based on latest version of Calamity's SwitchRes
    • Added DRR (Dual Refresh Rate) 60/50Hz support for both CRT and LCD displays
    • Set default HDMI mode to 60hz (max FHD 1080)
    • Enhanced capability for ultra-fast on-the-fly timing adjustments within 1-3 frames Vs. 108-120 frames in DynaRes 1.0
    • Added handheld CRT lowres support
  • Added new scalling modes:
    • Integer Scale Overscan (only works in FHD 1080! nearly the original overscan of a CRT)
    • Integer Scale Underscan (usefull for special DIY projects)
  • Added new functionlity to RePlay start menu core
    • It now properly manage all diferent video modes at boot
    • Fixed background scaling in dual screen modes
    • Fixed background rendering when changing dual screen modes from UI
    • Improved performance
    • Background rotation
    • Uses its own native aspect ratio different from other cores
  • Added current resolution in information option
  • Added automatic roms folder creation functionality
  • Added per system/game X/Y position
  • Improved X/Y position option to automatically scale based on current resolution
  • Improved audio and video per frame speed accuracy and synchonization
  • Fixed core speed when running multithread cores
  • Fixed crash when changing a RePlay option from game menu
  • Fixed bug loading custom paths from cfg file
  • Fixed UI scaling in dual screen vertical mode
  • Fixed game input remaps affecting UI button actions


  • Added virtual disk engine
  • Added filter to hide all files contained in a M3U file
  • Added initial support for Egret II mini spinner/trackball controller (NOT TESTED)
  • Added input option for checking button IDs when pressed
  • Changed option Shoulders to Triggers (digital to analog) to Buttons to Triggers supporting 3 configurations:
    • Buttons 1/2 - Useful in arcade/jamma
    • Buttons 2/3 - Useful in arcade/jamma
    • Buttons 9/10 (L/R) - Useful in arcade/jamma and SNES like gamepads
  • Changed all "Reset ..." option labels to "Remove ..."
  • Fixed save/load slot name not updated when overrided
  • Fixed core crashes due to a bug in RETRO_ENVIRONMENT_SET_MESSAGE
  • Fixed save/load crash getting label
  • Fixed save/load name display lenght


  • Added new system core remapping engine
  • Added support for Raspberry Pi Zero 2
  • Added Shoulders to Trigger (digital to analog) to both system and game input option menu. (e.g. allows playing Outrun using digital controls)
  • Added Left Stick to DPAD (analog to digital) to both system and game input option menu
  • Added option to hide Media Player
  • Changed some RePlay UI design patterns
    • Added .. entry in systems if not in menu core
    • Added replay options entry in systems if in menu core
    • Added replay options entry in system menu
    • Added .. entry in replay options (same action cmd as start btn)
    • Changed input and settings labels in system menu
    • Changed home btn as quick direct access back to system menu if not in menu core
    • Removed thread titles to improve readability and performance
    • Removed start action cmd
    • Removed start ui labels
    • Removed core name info inside all system settings
  • Changed Kiosk hardcoded values to whitelist
  • Fixed performance issue in Replay options > video menu


  • Added global mouse support
    • Only one mouse is currently supported
    • Mouse works no matter the player number or port
  • Added start button emulation via middle mouse button (opens ScummVM menu)


  • Added new Media Player system (alpha status)
  • Added new per system or game custom settings:
    • Aspect Ratio
    • Volume
    • Performance Level
  • Added ability to downscale in Pixel Perfect aspect ratio mode when content has more resolution than the screen
  • Added libretro SET_MESSAGE and SET_MESSAGE_EXT API implementation (OSD core messages)
  • Added menu refresh after option command execution
  • Fixed action command executed when option is disabled
  • Fixed crash when input.cfg is missing
  • Fixed OpenGL bug not properly clearing main FBO making content backgroung to draw garbage in some scenarios


  • Added game system settings engine and menu options
  • Added color highlight to option values for better readability
  • Added core name and version to game settings menu
  • Added linear interpolation to glcores with vertical resolution >= 480
  • Added system options blacklist functionality
  • Added system options default configurations for both LCD and CRT functionality
  • Added company names to system view for better grouping and sorting
  • Added default Roland GM sound font to ScummVM system
  • Updated libretro API interface header file
  • Changed Home btn so that it always returns to system menu
  • Changed favs and recent game display names (prettyfied)
  • Fixed crash for cores not supporting savestates
  • Fixed gl_init on RETRO_ENVIRONMENT_SET_SYSTEM_AV_INFO (fixes BLARGG filters)
  • Fixed audio gpio dac output selection in audio options (developer purposes)
  • Fixed incorrect FBO passed to gl-cores when requesting the same in RETRO_ENVIRONMENT_SET_HW_RENDER
  • Fixed recents when same roms and different core exists
  • Fixed some DC crashes by adding drm_deinit to core_unload_game
  • Fixed crash on exit due to duplicated video deinit
  • Fixed OpenGL inverted vertical coords after a gl-core game crashes on start
  • Fixed name duplication issues in favs and recents (internal company prefix)
  • Removed .ipf rom support due to copyright issues


  • Added MAME 2K3+ system
  • Fixed input info display lenght
  • Removed SEGA ST from boot to folder option


  • Added new system menu screen
    • Added new save/load UI system engine
    • Added resume/reset game functionality
  • Added system version information in replay optons menu
  • Added new default background and system logo
  • Updated all cores (compiled on 2023-12-17)


  • Added boot to system folder option
  • Added Philips CD-i system (do not support FMV games)
  • Added 3DO system
  • Added Atari Lynx system
  • Added Nintendo DS system (RPi5)
  • Added single monitor option (less performance impact when two monitors are connected)
  • Added ability to change audio output device without rebooting the system
  • Added ability to remove recents
  • Added ability to automatically filter out systems not supporting CRT mode
  • Added ability to automatically set default aspect ratio when selecting dual/single monitor mode
  • Added player/controller information
  • Fixed resolution for cores not honoring RETRO_ENVIRONMENT_SET_GEOMETRY
  • Fixed deemed extensions in favs and recents
  • Fixed recents not working with arcade games
  • Fixed libretro log levels
  • Fixed crash unloading sound engine when bad rom is loaded
  • Fixed UI scaling bug on dual monitor mode


  • Added Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+/3A+ support
  • Added new libretro based configuration engine for system and cores
  • Added system info (eth IP, wlan IP and available space)
  • Added gamepad test rumble support option
  • Added screen position X/Y option for CRT mode
  • Added autostart game functionality
  • Added Kiosk mode config parameter
  • Added option to set Select button for setting favorites
  • Added volume configuration to the audio resample engine + volume option
  • Added MAME system
  • Added self restart capability in case that loading a rom crashes
  • Added system option to flter out by vertical and horizontal games
  • Added performance level profile option
  • Added firstboot time auto configuration based on RPi model
  • Added option value info text support
  • Added system information
  • Changed Python utility to generate arcade title info from FBNeo + MAME full Arcade DAT
  • Fixed incorrect Full Native and Integer Scaled aspect ratios on some games
  • Fixed bug drawing dimmed files extensions
  • Fixed several bugs when saving and displaying arcade games in favorites and recent
  • Fixed crash and bug on letter navigation functionality on recents and system folders
  • Fixed analog-to-digital option making dpad not working when disabled
  • Fixed internal UI view Id state
  • Changed default alsa volume levels to 80% (80-100% can cause saturation on some systems)


  • Added HDMI dual screen support with automatic detection
    • Added duplicated display mode
    • Added side-by-side extended display mode
    • Added vertical stack extended display mode
  • Added Raspberry Pi 4/5 model detection
  • Fixed UI video corruption after pause


  • Added pause functionality when UI menu is open
  • Added system halt state (P key) for CRT user photos
  • Fixed some UI memory leaks


  • Added arcade naming database engine
  • Added supported file extensions filter
  • Added Sega Game Gear in extended view mode
  • Added UI text scrolling effect
  • Added Python utility to generate arcade title info from FBNeo full Arcade DAT
  • Improved UI message engine performance
  • Improved configuration engine performance when reading files
  • Fixed Atari 2600 horizontal resolution (in replay)
  • Fixed Amstrad CPC horizontal resolution (in core)
  • Fixed a crash when core incorrectly reports a NULL configuration value
  • Fixed UI dimmed font icon chars
  • Fixed UI folder elipsis position
  • Removed ScummVM core Exit button (not needed)


  • Changed core neocd by FBNeo (more accurate)
  • Changed core mednafen_supergrafx by mednafen_pce (more accurate)
  • Fixed UI in 32 bit XRGB8888 pixel format
  • Updated all cores (compiled on 2023-09-17)


  • Added option for selecting the menu hotkey (Home button, Hold Start, and Select + Start combo)
  • Added logic to SDL to check if monitor is powered on
  • Added video option for helping color blind people (Protanopia, Deuteranopia and Tritanopia)
  • Added Dark/Light scanline filters
  • Added Recent played games folder
  • Changed audio resampler engine to always output at 48000 kHz instead of dynamic native rates
  • Fixed HDMI audio handshake in some monitors/TVs
  • Fixed favorite foldes sorting


  • Added Coin-op timer game mode
  • Added favorites info message (add/remove)
  • Added favorites game launcher functionality


  • Added new functionality to set proper UI boot menu aspect ratio and resolution


  • Improved UI performance
  • Fixed UI memory leak (items index mismatch)
  • Removed unused code (code clean up)


  • Added new video_show_info option and info message
  • Added controller info message
  • Added fps counter info message


  • Added initial information message engine
  • Changed UI font to embeded hex compiled code
  • Changed UI rotation and activation logic
  • Fixed system filter list (read only supported systems)


  • Added new audio gain engine to avoid clipping artifacts on high freqs
  • Added new audio buffer/unpause engine on init
  • Added new Full Aspect Ratio scaling mode
  • Added system UI swap A/B buttons option
  • Added logic to set the controller status to ready only when connected and not buttons are phisically pressed
  • Added SN30 Gamepad mapping to game controllers DB
  • Added new Favorites engine
  • Added default Game Boy Player mode to GBA core (rumble support)
  • Added wait state until a monitor is connected on program start
  • Added improved debug system levels
  • Added basic UI/UX features
    • List menus only loops when using (UP) and (DOWN)
    • Allow going back using both (B) button or (..) special entry
    • Allow back navigation full index history
    • Dimmed file extension color
    • Hide menu when launching game from UI
    • Hide menu when launching game from CLI
  • Fixed crashes on several cores where log info introduces bad chars
  • Fixed Keyboard fallback game controller
  • Fixed menu not displayed with home button afer rotating
  • Fixed DC crash when unloading core
  • Fixed N64 crash when unloading core
  • Fixed verbose DEBUG mode not working fine on non ssh session
  • Fixed N64 game launcher crash
  • Fixed DC game launcher crash
  • Fixed SNES game launcher crash
  • Fixed FBNEO game launcher crash
  • Fixed N64 bad textures when launched from UI
  • Fixed DC bad textures when launched from UI
  • Fixed standalone game launcher
  • Fixed save/load functions
  • Fixed no HDMI sound when launching games from UI
  • Fixed audio stuttering for some games on load
  • Fixed gamepad not working on PSX games when launched from UI


  • Added new audio engine
    • Based on Dynamyc Rate Control
    • Based on SINC resampling algorithm
    • Low latency and CPU ussage


  • Added initial UI engine
    • Integer scale
    • Rotation +/-90
    • Auto scaling factor
  • Added 4 players support
  • Added controller sorting engine
    • Player number assigned by connection order
    • Connected controllers keep player number
    • New controllers take first free player number
  • Added new input configuration file
  • Added controller rumble implementation
  • Added input descriptors implementation
  • Added controller info implementation
  • Added support for 0RGB1555, XRGB8888 and RGB565 pixel formats


  • Added dynamic rate control for Atomis/Naomi/DC games running at 60/30 fps
  • Added core assets directory implementation
  • Added disk control interface version implementation
  • Fixed cores that request OpenGL ES 3.0 context instead of 3.1


  • Added a/v sync to content engine (i.e. run PAL games nicely)
  • Added headphone/hdmi audio output selector
  • Fixed crash when unloading games using core threading


  • Added custom input poll for cores not honoring libretro input poll callback
  • Added new option to display FPS
  • Fixed PSX support
  • Fixed all libretro-gl core performance issues
  • Fixed crash when booting with monitor powered off
  • Fixed crash when saving SRAM on some games
  • Fixed screenshot crashes in some cores
  • Fixed savestate crashes in some cores
  • Fixed SRAM crashes in some cores


  • Added video scalling configurations (Full 4:3, Native 1:1, Integer Scaled HV)
  • Added user screenshot functionality (F10)
  • Added system screenshot functionality (on savestates)
  • Fixed several bugs in the configuration file engine


  • Added system option to enable/disable verbosity
  • Added load/save system and core configuration file support
  • Added DragonRise controller mappings
  • Added user savestates support (F5/F9)
  • Added support for .zip files (only supported cores)
  • Fixed crash when pressig keyboard arrows with a controller connected
  • Fixed keyboard/controller priority when connected and/or disconnected


  • Added support for native SRAM save files
  • Added initial support for libretro-gl cores


  • Added basic system configuration file engine
  • Added automatic core identification
  • Added new input engine with controller DB
  • Added analog to digital input option


  • Added automatic monitor EDID video selector (best mode)
  • Added new audio sync engine
    • Low latency
    • Prevents buffer underrun and overrun
    • Adaptative speed to video refresh rate


  • Added support for Raspberry Pi 4 using KMS/DRM, EGL, GBM and OpenGL ES 3.X
  • Added basic support for audio and input via SDL2
  • Added basic support for non-libretro-gl cores