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What is RePlay OS?

RePlay OS is a Linux distribution featuring a streamlined libretro frontend. It's specifically designed to emulate a wide range of classic game consoles, arcade machines, and computers. The OS focuses on delivering fast and user-friendly emulation experiences, optimized for use with Raspberry Pi boards. This emphasis on ease of use and broad compatibility makes it an ideal choice for enthusiasts looking to relive classic gaming moments on modern hardware.

RePlay OS is meant to be executed only in Raspberry Pi devices. Putting the focus on a single device allows me to bring the best emulation experience for both LCD and CRT TVs.

Have more questions? Please check the F.A.Q section for further information.

Project Phylosophy

Big things have small beginings

  • Support CRT TVs whenever possible
  • Retro should look retro
  • Stay far from whistles and bells
  • Fast is not enough
  • Less is more
  • Small details matter

Stay Tune

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  • Visit RTA RetroDev YouTube channel for a series of detailed development log videos. These videos offer a behind-the-scenes look at the creation and evolution of RePlay OS, providing valuable insights for those interested in its technical aspects and development journey.
  • Check out various of my opensource projects in my RTA GitHub account
  • Consider supporting me on my RTA RetroDev Ko-fi account for helping me in the development and enhancement of various retro initiatives, including RePlay OS.